Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The thought of foreclosure have you up at nights?

Thought You'd be Interested

Families all across America are struggling to come to terms with a tough economy and are facing difficulties paying the mortgage for their primary residence. In a healthy economy, downsizing or changing homes in to something more affordable would have been an option. In today's climate this is simply not the case. Most homeowners are sitting under a mass of negative equity that completely crushes their choices when faced with financial issues due to job loss, income changes or other mitigating circumstances. This is an incredibly difficult as well as emotional issue when people are faced with losing or letting go of their home, but short sales are a viable option and can sometimes be approved BEFORE the homeowner gets behind on their mortgage payments. If you or someone you know wants to discuss a short sale as an option, I would be happy to meet and discuss options with regards to your home.

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