Friday, October 14, 2011

Building a business and the business card bandit....

I have spent many hours lately reading about how to expand your business and expand your client base. One of the more interesting subjects surrounding business cards and their use to help promote ones self! An article I read suggested that you should leave business cards at bus stops, in library books, on counters in stores, all for the purposes of increasing the likelihood that somebody would place one in their wallet and then at some later point extract the aforementioned card and call you with the express intention of utilizing your services. I had a hard time feeling comfortable with this marketing technique, it did not seem very Spalding like. Anyway as the days went by I thought about this some more until I found myself in Baskin Robins with my two boys Nathan and William (5 & 7). I noticed a spot next to the sprinkles where people had left their business cards, what the heck, I placed one down next to the pile of cards. That was it!!! I became addicted, the OCD side of my nature kicked in and I was doomed. Over the next week I embraced this habit and found myself leaving cards in tip jars, drive through Starbucks counters, restaurants, you name it I was leaving a trail! Yesterday was a sad day for this realtor as my new obsession hit new desperate lows, I was tasked with picking up some Flonase for my sons allergies from Walgreens. I decided to use the drive through and found myself in the outside lane using the suction tube. At the very end of the transaction after my credit card and meds were safely dispatched , I found myself slipping a business card into the empty container and shooting it back to the teller before driving off quickly from the lane! Anyway the moral of this story is please forgive me if you are the victims of one of these stunts, I promise one day very very soon to gain control over this :)

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  1. Don't apologize. From where I sit nearly a thousand miles away you're doing the right things to get noticed. It's all about the visibility.

    Keep it up and good luck.