Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lazy Realtors and Great Pictures!!!

So how important are photographs when it comes to selling your house? It is the humble opinion of this realtor that a house needs to be staged and photographs need to be clean, crisp and look as though we are taking a peek through the window of a model home, this opinion however is not shared by all of my peers. Take this picture below for example.

Do we notice what's wrong here? Aside from the general clutter and abundance of pictures hanging from the wall, it might be a nice idea to photograph this room without the homeowner asleep on the couch!!!!!!

Here is another priceless effort! Maybe this was an "open" house??

So in this next pic, does the car come with the house? or do we have some difficulties accessing the driveway????

So anyway I think you get my point here!!! Some realtors are offering "no hassle listings" meaning you can take your own photographs, never meet the realtor, not have to put up with a listing presentation at 6pm in your house while you are trying to bath the kids, but you have to ask yourself this question, if you want a no hassle listing then why are you employing a realtor at all? essentially you are taking the hassle away from them and the value away from you! a good realtor can make it painless for you and still get the job done right.

My clients get the benefit of my experience, a free staging service and also can sleep at night knowing there are no pictures of themselves asleep on the couch in MLS.

I rest my case!

As always feel free to contact me with any of your real estate questions or concerns!

Chris Spalding - Realtor

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