Friday, October 28, 2011

So just how much "Castle" could you afford?

I was thumbing through bank owned properties in the Northwest Valley today and again I continue to be shocked by the incredible deals that are being afforded in todays market.

Now , its no secret that this local Realtor is originally not from these parts. I am in fact originally from a small community that lies just a little over 5000 miles east of downtown Phoenix called "England". The land of greenery and castles right? Well there is an old saying back home that reads "An englishmans home is his castle"

 I wondered to myself, so if I were back in the UK how much castle could I afford? Time for a comparison! Lets take 100k (dollars) and see what we can find in Phoenix

This little beauty is up for sale for $99,000 dollars which equates to about 60k Pounds in England.

This property is 2400 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It also has a private above ground swimming pool.

Now what can we get with our cash in the UK? lets find out.

Ok so I'm only kidding right? well I am, but this little beauty is up for sale for 18k  which is $29,000!!! but anyway I digress, lets look again!

So this is a pretty grand looking building right? not bad for your 100k! oh except wait a minute, for those of you not familiar with flats in England, I have highlighted the borders of the property you just bought above in red. Thats right you just bought a 500 square foot flat in Brighton.

So you Phoenicians! its time to go out and buy a house, in fact go out and buy three!!! and make sure you call me when you do! thanks!

Chris Spalding

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