Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Seller Ye May Be

In my last blog I wrote about buyers needing to see beyond certain cosmetic deficiencies in order to secure a great "steal" in the current Phoenix real estate market. In this blog I want to persuade ye "Sellers" that it is not the best idea to be on the other end of the aforementioned "Steal". Here are a few tips to make sure your home is leading the current trend of multiple offers received within days of listing your home and not being low balled by a consortium of Canadian investors who are here on holiday.

1/ I'm sure your kids and extended family are awesome! but anyone looking to buy your home already has their own gorgeous family to dote on. Remove pictures of your family that are scattered around the house on shelves and coffee tables.

2/ People like collections, but they like their own collections! They like to see space for themselves to store their selection of 100 cabbage patch dolls, they don't want this confused by your collection of memorable British Royalty collector plates and cups.

3/ LIGHT!!! - People like to see natural light and feel like a home is welcoming. Make sure all the lights are on in the house if you know it is going to be shown. Ensure all the blinds are open and the house has as much natural light as it can possibly enjoy.

4/ Good Photos! - Make sure you have a realtor that owns a good camera and has a reasonably good photographic eye. You don't want a picture taken of your kitchen with a loose trash bag on the floor and a cat sitting on your granite. You also want to avoid pictures of yourself in the mirror taking the picture!!! and pictures including tenants asleep on sofas and chairs! (This happens more than you would think!!).

5/ Simple and clean homes. You are going to be moving soon anyway, maybe listing your home is a great time to start packing. Put away all the nic knacks and personal paraphernalia that is in your home, do your best to make it show like a model. Don't make the buyer have to use their imagination more than they should have to!!

6/ Everyone wants to see your collection of animal heads and find out where in the world they were all captured, lets share that with them right before we list our house! then tuck them neatly away in moving boxes. MANY THANKS

In summary there are a number of things that you can do, to make your home look more like a blank canvass for the next potential owner, you don't want it to be a memorial to your own personal taste. Use a realtor with a camera and a good eye. Listen to advice when it comes to staging your home. Some Realtors will offer a free home staging consultation (I do this for my clients). Listen to the realtor when he values your home, try and take the emotion out of this part of the process by listening to a neutral professionally licensed third party.

Good luck and as always, if you would like my help or have questions for all things Real Estate please dont hesitate to give me a call or send me an email!

Chris Spalding
(602) 312-7237

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just cant see the wood for the trees

You walk into the house, the floors are sparkling clean, each piece of furniture is meticulously polished, the hardware around the house is glimmering. There is not a single item or nic knack that is out of place! every light in the place is turned on and is shining on YOU! is this pre-heaven? Nope this is a model home. New home buyers cheer in elation at your good fortune! Now look over to the left shoulder at your distant home buying cousin, yes the "used home buyer". This little chap is not so fortunate and relies upon the current market inventory and the ability of those representing this inventory to present their wears in a favourable fashion or in some cases NOT!!!

The first room on the top has duel sleeping/clothing storage capability for modern living. Underneath your imagination is the only obstacle to the number of fridge magnets and reminder notes one could store in this ensemble.

Get on with it Spalding! Whats your point?

Well my point is this:

In the current market there is a very low number of used homes for sale. As a buyer I encourage you to try your best to look past certain cosmetic deficiencies. I have recently had buyers who have been worried about (to name a few), dirty baths, paint color, carpet stains. I had one person at an open house ask me whether the previous owner had a dog, I felt worried for a second that there was urine or damage somewhere around the house, I couldn't smell anything that would suggest any dog issues. I told her that I wasn't sure and asked her why she was concerned (which she really was for some reason) and she told me she had found a small dog bowl in the back yard by the pool equipment!


The properties in mint condition are selling fast but if you have the vision to see past the minor issues you still can have your dream home at an incredible price. And its the buyers who are willing a little in the way of updates on top of cosmetic fixes that are currently getting the real "steal" at the bottom of the market.

The market is definitely active in early 2012 with an overall price increase across the valley of 2%. We are still at historic lows and with interest rates better than ever, now is still a prime time to buy your new home.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or real estate needs.