Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 5 Tips for DIY Staging: Tip #1 Curb the cLuTTeR

#1 Curb the Clutter: 

Sure those beloved school photos of the kids or grandkids plastered all over the refrigerator are adorable. But while your friends enjoy admiring them at a dinner party, they are a distraction and a detraction when a prospective homebuyer views your home. Take a look around, especially areas where the mail tends to collect and magnets and artwork accumulate and..... MINIMIZE, MINIMIZE, MINIMIZE.

What do you think those cereal boxes and baskets on top of the fridge say to a potential buyer? One possibility is: "This home doesn't have enough storage." Don't let your house send the wrong message.

The same goes for decor and collectibles. A great decorator rule of thumb is to pair things in 3's. So take an appraising eye at tabletops and counter tops and begin to pack up a few extra picture frames, figurines or books piled on the shelf. This will do two things: First of all it will help you get started on your way to packing for your big move, and most critically it will help buyers see less of your things and more of the house. This is KEY! You are showcasing your house to TOP DOLLAR....and you want prospective buyers to see it in the best light possible.

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a couple of examples of what not to do, courtesy of the current Arizona Regional MLS listings.

Homes for Sale in Surprise Arizona

How about this house in Surprise, AZ. It has some great features that can be easily overlooked by say...the shower cap, Trader Joe's grocery bag and other oodles of clutter EVERYWHERE. With buyers these days looking at online portals and finding their future home in websites such as Trulia, Zillow and, do you think this listing will jump to the top of their favorites?

Homes for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ

Located in Scottsdale this home has been on the market for 458 days. Why stop short of the clutter clean-up and leave all the liquor bottles and magnets on the fridge? Find spare room in a cabinet and clear off the fridge and remaining countertop clutter.

Up Next....Tip #2 Pack Away The Personal.

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