Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 5 Tips for DIY Staging: Tip #3 Apply a Coat of Color

#3 Apply a Coat of Color:

Some of us are more brave than others when it comes to color, particularly those that became addicted to TLC's Trading Spaces. Trust me, I had my own affection for crushed violet and a deep eggplant purple in my bedroom. When it came time to sell my house though, my trusted agent was diplomatic but truthful in informing me that not everyone would appreciate my same passion for purple. He's a guy, so I get that the complexity of shade was lost on him, but I understood his advice and was grateful we took it. Because, keep in mind, you ideally want your house for SALE to appeal to 90 out of 100 people to give you the greatest odds of garnering a pleasing proposal. SO…..repainting rooms with courageous chromatism to a more neutral paint color can be a great way to go!

Not everyone has a penchant for pink bedrooms, so even when it has been expertly painted and professionally decorated, it could turn off a buyer in thinking about what they are going to put in that pink bedroom. I ALWAYS advise my buyers that paint is relatively cheap and easy to change, but there are those folks that find things like that impossible to overlook. Plus, you as the seller will often find you can paint in something neutral for far less than a buyer will mentally deduct for having to repaint it themselves.

A little paint touch up to take care of picture nail holes, dirty smudges or dents and dings will really make your house outshine the rest. In the current market, with 60% of the homes for sale being distressed, meaning a short sale or foreclosure, buyers are being educated by real estate agents on purchasing a property "AS-IS." Yet this is precisely why investor flips are so successful. Often times they are purchasing homes that have fantastic "bones" but need a few cosmetic changes and updates to really make it stand out. They have mastered the art of neutralizing a home and making it "move-in" ready for precisely those buyers that cannot look beyond a sellers tenderness for teal.

So take a tip from these technicians of transformation and don't let the gorgeous features and upgrades in your home turn off potential prospects that don't have the same passion for pigmentation that you do!

Michelle Spalding

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